Learning Museum 2011–13 is a nationwide multidisciplinary collaboration project involving 26 Danish museums (art, cultural and natural history) along with 13 colleges of education.The project has provided a large group of pre-service teachers with unique opportunities to participate in training courses, academic internships and bachelor’s thesis preparation work in collaboration with the country’s museums. Perceiving pre-service teachers as important resources who can significantly contribute to knowledge-sharing within museum educational departments allows those students to develop their professional and pedagogical competencies and strengthen museum teaching practices on the whole.


The project is funded by Danish Agency for Culture

The project is based at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, Denmark.

Short abstract on the project: Learning Museum 2011-2013 acbstract

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Inspirational material about the project with best practice exampels:

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Contact : The Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, project manager Tine Seligmann tine@samtidskunst.dk +45 46 31 65 74